Friday, April 2, 2010

We’re Back!

This has been our spring break and we have been off having an adventure!

My sister and her husband have moved to Key Largo for an unknown time period, perhaps a year. I told her that when I realized that she lived closer to Havana, Cuba than Tallahassee, I was depressed. It is about 525 miles from her door to mine. As you can imagine, since they moved there it has been a revolving door with everyone wanting to visit. I was a little reluctant to add to their long guest list but I did want to see them again and I did want to see the Keys again and spring break offered us a long enough time to make the long drive worth it.

First, let me say that the Sun Pass is the way to go for the toll roads, such as the turnpike. I bought the car sticker in Publix (grocery)the day before we left. Using the phone or on-line, it is activated and some dollar amount (plus the amount you paid Publix) is put into an account. Then, you simply drive through the toll booths marked “Sun Pass” and feel bad for the people in the lines waiting to pay.  The money you put in is good until it is gone; it does not expire or lose value. You can add to your account the same way you opened it. When the balance starts to get low, a warning will flash as you drive through a toll booth. It is the only way to go.

This was my first time to the Keys since I became an adult and B’s first time ever. The water is simply gorgeous and we had a wonderful time.


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Nice Photo.
Water looks great.