Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birdseed Bandit

B discovered a mama raccoon sitting in our backyard birdfeeder, raking the seed out of the holes with her paw.


We used to see raccoons frequently in our yard and it came to the point where there were just too  many, so we quit putting food out on our platform feeder and that seemed to take care of that.  We still see one occasionally, but not in the numbers that seemed out of balance.

When B got my camera, the mama coon went up a nearby sweetgum and sat there weighing her options.






Apparently, she decided to go for it again.


While she was still on the ground under the feeder, B shooed her away.


After all, it is a BIRD feeder, not a coon kitchen.


Anonymous said...

Need a bigger rodent relocation plan?

Carol said...

I have been able to keep the racoons out of the bird feeders by stringing a cable between 2 trees...cutting pieces of pvc pipe in 2" sections and putting it on the cable...5' either side of the hanging feeder...they have trouble gripping it with the rolling pieces of pvc. I do love seeing them though..especially when they show up with a couple of little ones.

S N B said...

Thanks, Carol, we will keep that in mind. The squirrels have not been able to climb the pole and get around the tray but apparently the coon was able to. They can not jump from the trees; it is too far.