Sunday, April 4, 2010

It’s Easter!

102_0921Reared by a devout Christian to become a devout Christian, Easter has deep meaning for me. It was so wonderful to have our grown children come home to celebrate with us this weekend. The last was not able to arrive until about noon Saturday, so we changed the original plan of paddling and opted to go down to the lighthouse in the afternoon for a little fishing,


a little wading,


and a little sunning.


We had home-made pizzas for supper. I count three hands with input on just how much cheese it needed and where!


It was a very patient head-chef who put up with us!


The pizzas were delicious.

After dinner on the porch, we headed to the circus! FSU students were presenting the 37th annual show and we had free tickets. It was good but we were so late getting back home that no one was really interested in the night egg hunt we had prepared for, so we sat on the porch in the cool dark and enjoyed the stars and sounds of the night critters.

This morning we went to church and then once the ham was in the oven, we had our egg hunt.

This clear egg was initially placed in the rain gauge and then the hider discovered wasps were building a nest inside and removed the egg. Otherwise, it was a great hiding place.


The box trap was just a joke.


This was one of the better hidden ones: a white egg nestled in a white iris.


What good sports!

102_0923 Thanks for such a wonderful weekend, guys! I love you dearly!

Happy Easter to all!

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Liz said...

Very cute picture! Love the bunny glasses!