Thursday, April 29, 2010

Acquiring An Aquilegia

Columbine is one of those delicate little blossoms that signal late spring here. We have a couple of the red and yellow variety (Aquilegia canadensis) in the back that we have had for several years. They have been blooming for a while and are winding down now.


Summer before last, I took my mother to her class reunion in Kentucky. As we were flying out of Lexington, I was struck by the beauty of blue columbine in large planters outside the airport. I collected a few seed pods. Sometime last year, B planted them in pots. I knew that we had two pots of them that had grown  and were in the little bed near the other columbine. However there is also quite a bit of spiderwort in that bed and its blue flowers  were all that I had noticed until Saturday afternoon when the spiderworts were closed up for their siestas. There it was in all its glory! The Kentucky blue wonder!


It looks to me like an Aquilegia rosendale, but most places just refer to it as blue columbine.

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