Thursday, April 15, 2010


This is a copy of the email that I sent our governor earlier this week.

Honorable Crist,

This email is to request that you veto CS/CS/SB 6.

As a National Board Certified teacher here in Leon County, I see little in this bill that supports the hard work that I and other Florida teachers do every day in and out of the classroom. I am fortunate to work in an excellent school with excellent co-workers and excellent administrators where children make good to excellent gains. I know that some teachers are not so fortunate and, indeed, it has not always been the case for me. With the passing of the proposed law, an administrator has the power to determine a teacher's income, and even the renewal of the teaching certificate. A less-than-professional administrator with their own agendas is something that I have experienced in my 30 years of working with children in Florida.  Now that I have told you my approximate age, you will realize that much of the repercussion of this bill will impact my career for a only a short time. But for teachers coming up behind me and for the students they will educate, I see little that will improve their lot.

The bill is represented as a way to reward outstanding teachers. Florida already had a way to do this with the National Board (Dale Hickam) recognition and it is a step backwards to drop this.
I will grant you that, as in every line of work, there are some who are better than others and there are a few that should be doing something else. But this bill gives the impression that it is punishing all of us who are so committed to our students and are going that extra mile every day, for the sake of weeding out  those few who do not put forth the effort or are in a situation beyond their control. It is demoralizing.

If for no other reason than the fact that the teachers of Florida see this bill as a solid slap in the face, please veto CS/CS/SB 6.




Anonymous said...

It looks like your letter helped.

S N B said...

I am thankful that at least Gov. Crist seems to have heard the voice of some of his constituents.