Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On the Way to Key West: Sails and Scales

On Sunday of our trip to the Keys, our Key Largo hosts drove us to Key West. There was lots to see on the drive, so it was nice to not be having to watch the road, which is mostly two-lane.

At one bridge, there were many windsurfers. This is not all that were out---just the ones that got framed in this shot.


The Keys were made for boats of all kinds and there were a variety for us to enjoy.


We stopped in Islamorada at a place called Robbie’s. It is a little open market area. At the dock, for a buck, you can walk out and see the tarpon on warm days. For a few more bucks, you can feed them yourself. We were content to watch, but it was entertaining.


The lattice allows the fish to come in and keeps the pelicans at bay.

These fish are really spectacular: their coloring and their huge scales and the gold spots and, of course, their size.100_0758


One of these was estimated at between seven and eight feet. Oh, yeah, these are big fish.


And they have powerful jaws and teeth. As their fins show above the water, they are sometimes mistaken for sharks.


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