Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Seeing the World While Staying at Home

We are fortunate at my school to have a very diverse mixture of cultures represented by the families whose children attend. I enjoy inviting the families to come in and share with us to help us learn more about their countries of origin and their customs.

In the winter, we celebrated the Chinese New Year in my classroom with the families of our two Chinese girls. (The pictures below were actually taken a few years ago, but we dragon dance each year that I have a Chinese family.)

Week before last, as part of our study of Africa, we enjoyed a lesson about Ethiopia from a mother and sister of another student in our class. Here are some of the beautiful children’s clothes they brought in. Each is entirely hand-woven and hand-sewn. Each child was invited to try them on with jewelry and I took pictures that I emailed to their parents.


This past week, a mama from India brought in some of their clothes for the same activity.



She also brought two Indian foods for us to try and included a great deal of information about India in her presentation. One of the highlights was a little video clip of Indian dancing. The children just had to join in!

102_1062 Yes, we are blessed to have such resources.

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