Sunday, April 25, 2010

Friday, Pie-Day

Our school participated in the Jump Rope for Hearts fundraiser for the American Heart Association. Several incentives were set up to encourage children to get their parents to help them collect money. No child is to go door-to-door alone. One of the incentives was that the child in each grade-level who raised the most money, would get to throw a pie at the PE teacher of choice. We have one full-time PE teacher, one part-time and one intern. This past Friday was pie-day and one of my kindergartners was a pie thrower.

The pies are made from shaving cream. The teacher sits in a chair and dons eye goggles and the child pushes the pie into her face. The audience went wild!!

This little girl got to pie her own mother.





Towels were offered.



Our PE teachers are good sports, don’t you think? (And also good at sports!)


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