Friday, April 23, 2010

More Critters at the Okefenokee

We went to see the reptile show in an amphitheatre. The guy who did it was a character. He presented himself as a Seminole Indian.


As you can see, he did not just stand on the stage. He walked through the seating and allowed folks to touch what he was holding. This was a king snake.


This baby gator was making its “mama!” call.


At the end of the show, he invited kids up to have their parents take their picture with the baby gator.


Whether or not he is of Seminole lineage, he knows his swamp critters.

Three big black bears were living in a sizeable pen. They are viewed from a room in a building. The other two bears were asleep. This one was foraging.


There were other penned animals besides some gators.

This medium-sized snapping turtle came up to inspect us.

Probably looking for a “hand out!”  No, really! Don’t try putting your hand anywhere near these guys.


I had to laugh when I saw the green algae on its head. I have written this story before but it is the reason I was laughing.


A couple of years ago, I had rescued a baby yellow-bellied slider from a busy road and had put it in an aquarium in my classroom. It was covered in long, flowing green algae. A mother whose daughter I was tutoring remarked when she saw it, “I’ve never seen a turtle with green fur!” She was dead serious. And my only thought was, “Lady, there is a reason I am tutoring your child.” And then the teacher in me was required to give her a short (but kind) lesson on the differences between mammals and reptiles.

So our little trip to the Okefenokee was  OK-fun! OK? 


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