Thursday, September 10, 2009

Target Practice

Sunday afternoon, we were invited to go to a shooting range south of town. We had a good, if hot, time.



I got to shoot my favorite .22 pistol, a Ruger single six revolver. It is the larger one in this picture. But I also got to try the little one, an H & R. Both of these guns are over 50 years old.


They load differently.


We were the only ones at the pistol range and we enjoyed moving up closer; I was about 15 feet from the target.


This target shows my shots with the little H&R. The holes off the target are from previous shots, when there was a target placed higher or lower. They are not mine. My shots are the little green spots on the black target.


This is with the Ruger. One of my shots had rat shot in it, as can be seen by the tiny scattered dots on the target. The rest were .22 short shells, making larger holes.


I was told that I actually shot better with the big old Ruger than the little H&R but it looks about the same to my untrained eye.

Three of the men in our group of six, are NRA certified instructors. This includes B. I like shooting with people who think of safety first.

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Floridacracker said...

I love shooting. I even have a rustic range on my place.
Nice group.