Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Dream

As long as we have lived here, I have had a dream of having a screened porch where the deck is—--now, was. We have taken baby steps toward this for several years. First there were trees to remove and then, stumps to grind. This was expensive (for our budget) since we had to hire it all. Finally, this summer, we started to think maybe we had saved enough money for the rest of the project and we started looking for a contractor. We talked to three and are very happy (at this time) with the one we selected.

The permit took two weeks to come from the County and we had already decided not to tear off the deck until the permit was in hand. So on Wednesday we got the word; B worked that night taking off boards and then it rained for two days. When our son, D, came Friday night, we were most thankful. By mid-Saturday afternoon, the deck was at the recycling plant.


Sunday afternoon, B moved some of the sod from the site, because, of course, that is precisely where the grass was most happy. We came home Monday afternoon to find the concrete workers had been here and started! The grass has been dug out; form boards are up on two sides; sand is being hauled in;


tools and equipment are in the yard:

A power wheelbarrow that carries the sand from the street and will carry the concrete from the truck.


And a tamper that compacts the sand.


They got rained out, but they have begun!


My dream is underway!

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Floridacracker said...

This is going to be great!