Friday, September 4, 2009

The Dream is Becoming Reality

The concrete workers started Monday


and Tuesday when they left, this is what it looked like:


Most of the sand was in and tamped down. Most of the three sides were up, with the ramp left to run the wheelbarrow up.100_8541

By Wednesday evening when I came home, they had created this:


The forms for the steps were put in place. All the sand is in and tamped and leveled. There is a trench around the inside of the form boards. This contains rebar and when the concrete is poured, creates a solid wall frame. Rebar was also drilled into the original house slab to connect the two slabs.


A pest control company treated the sand for termites, as required. It was all covered with one sheet of plastic. Thursday, an inspector from the County verified that indeed it was treated and the concrete can be  poured.

We’re havin’ fun!


Dani said...

It's gonna be AWESOME!

Kimberlee said...

Can't wait to see the finished project! It's going to be so nice!

S N B said...

Thanks, friends! We are excited!