Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Patio Furniture

We knew we wanted to be able to eat out in the new screen porch and that we would need a table and chair set. We had been looking, but not really searching, because we didn’t have the screen porch yet. Well, last weekend we learned that even though this IS Florida, stores mark down their patio stuff to clear it out to make room for ---you guessed it! ---Christmas, even though it is just September! We learned that unless you want to order online or wait until spring, you better get shopping.

We ended up with a sweet deal at Home Depot.

Older son D came up on Labor Day and and was enlisted to help assemble the chairs and table and then we had a nice little sandwich supper out there.




The table has ceramic tiles in the top. We liked this as an alternative to glass for easy replacement should damage occur.


Love the head rests!


The huge umbrella provided some welcome shade and is high enough to let heat rise and not be in the way of most heads getting up and down out of the six chairs.


We think it will be just fine.

The screen is supposed to go up today!


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