Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Dream Construction Continues

Last week while I was teaching, most of the screen room was completed in one day. Unfortunately, the screen for the roof that was brought was not what we had requested and so we had to wait until Tuesday to get the screen in the roof. We had decided that we wanted a tighter screen for the roof since we get pinestraw and sweetgum balls that blow in, even though there are no trees directly overhead. With the tighter screen, theoretically, the poky parts don’t fit through and just roll off or slide on off the roof.

B took the earliest pictures.




This is where they were when I got home.



We appreciated the fact that the contractor swept up the bits of metal shavings.


After they left last week, you can tell that the roof is only screened in a couple of sections---and it was the wrong screen.


We also appreciated the custom cut to make the aluminum frame fit the vinyl siding…..


As well as the soffit trim.



So even with the roof still open, we enjoyed spending some time out there when the mosquitoes weren’t too bad. The mosquitoes were not fooled. They flew right over the top of the side walls.



Dani said...

Looks great!

Kimberlee said...

I agree! It is looking great! So...the roof is going to be screen as well? Should make for nice breezes!