Sunday, September 13, 2009

Little Green Guys

Last Sunday morning, we spent time before church, working in the yard, taking advantage of the cooler temperatures and trying to pretty up the place in preparation for the new screen porch.

B was feeding his arms to Cherokee roses that do not get enough sun to do well and were being cut out ---while they in turn were cutting B. We have other Cherokee roses that are happy out front.

I had a much less painful task: removing Mexican petunias and freesia bulbs, both of which become invasive here. As I was working, I spotted a tiny little green anole resting on a Mexican petunia leaf.


I will admit I took more than a couple of shots of it.


But it was SO cute!


Especially doing push-ups!


Now look at the fence board behind it. Very gazelle-looking, don’t you think?


Anonymous said...

Love the picture and would love for freesia bulbs to do well in my KY garden. Squirrels like them too much.

Kimberlee said...

Great pix! Growing up in the South, those cute little guys were as familiar as sparrows, but when I moved to Alaska I found them in a pet store for $20 each!

S N B said...

Wow! twenty bucks!