Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Burrow

When B and D tore off one side of the old deck last weekend, they discovered a burrow. We had previously noticed that some critter had been coming and going through the steps and under the deck, but we did not know that we were co-habitating: there was a hole under our house. 

A lot of loose sand had been kicked out.


It was a good-sized hole.


D slid the crowbar in. It was pretty deep before the tunnel turned.



Once the deck was all cleared away, B smoothed out the sand to watch for tracks coming and/or going in and out of the hole. For two nights, there was nothing.

The concrete man said he threw a chunk of concrete in there to see if anything would come out. No result. So the hole was filled in and concrete poured (after a few days) on Friday.

Saturday morning was when we could first walk on it. In the night, an armadillo had walked across the concrete and back leaving tracks and a tail drag in the builder’s sand


and little sandy tracks across the concrete.


It also did a little digging work last night, no doubt trying to rustle up some grub---literally!


So we  guess that was the burrower that had made a summer home under our house.

No more subsidized housing for armadillos is offered here.


edifice rex said...

Hey, ya'll might want to hose that new slab down a couple of times a day for the next 2 or 3 days if it is still fairly warm down there. That will help it cure. You got the joints in it but a little water never hurts to keep the cracks down.

Carol said...

My husband wasn't happy with the Armadillo that lived here. But I started noticing less and less fireants. He has since moved on and the ants are returning. I'd love to have him here full time.

S N B said...

Thanks, Ed! Will do.