Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Invention

When older son, D,  came last weekend he brought us his invention. It is actually his version of someone else’s invention. It is a TV antenna that he made.

We do not have cable and our TV is old enough to not be digital. We had bought our converter box, but still had many issues with reception. Later we bought an amplifier but did not see much improvement. We are not much in the way of TV watchers anyway, so it was not worth it to us to invest more money to improve it. But D saw it as a challenge and came up with this solution. He and B hooked it up and tweaked the placement and we ended up with better reception AND we now get SIX new channels, including the PBS channels that we had lost when the digital switch occurred---that we had missed.


This site was his inspiration.



Thanks, D! Now we can watch the Ken Burns National Park series on PBS at the end of this month!

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