Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunday Snake Sunning

We went for a Sunday drive through the National Forest before hunting season gets going in full swing. We used to have a great map of the dirt roads that we pretty much used to shreds. B looked for it ---and will have to look again to see if he can come up with it for future trips. But for this one, we went winging it and while we were never truly lost, as we stayed on the same numbered road and could tell we were going mostly south, let’s just say, most of the time, nothing really looked familiar until we eventually ended up at a paved road on the west side of Crawfordville in Wakulla County. Then we knew exactly where we were. Ironically, the place is called Lost Creek.

At any rate, along this long, long dirt road, we only met one other car and eventually we came upon this moccasin sunning in the road.


B spotted it first. I saw the classic brown face stripe through the binoculars before he even stopped the truck.


Our best guess was that it was about twenty inches long, though we didn’t try to get out the measuring tape. It posed for me for a minute before turning completely around and heading for the brush beside the road.


Look at how it was moving so fast, it had lifted its midsection up from the sand.

100_8829 And that was the end of this tale!

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Big Bend Blog said...

You should get a Florida Atlas & Gazetteer. It has all of the numbered forest roads, plus it has a lot of other interesting places labeled. You can find it for sale at gas stations and even in grocery stores.