Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Dream is Finished---But Really Just Beginning!

So Tuesday the contractor came back and finished screening the roof on the screen porch, officially a “pool enclosure” without the pool. As usual, I only saw the finished results and was at school during the work. He finished in the rain, so I was a little surprised when B sent me an email that it was done and paid for. Wednesday, the county inspector came and approved the work. Woo-hoo!!


We are very pleased with the quality of the work. The concrete is 20x20. The sides are 8’ tall and the roof peaks at 12’.




Just a final look at the “before” with the little deck that was only big enough for three chairs:


We had supper out on the porch on Tuesday night and sat out after our evening walk until almost bedtime, listening to the barred owls, frogs, cicadas, and crickets. The stars were bright enough, even with the neighbor’s porch light, that we could see many.

It is just what I dreamed: a place to be outside ---without the bugs bothering us.


wlhawh said...

Very nice! It looks great. I know you will get a lot of enjoyment from it.

Kimberlee said...

That's an incredible space! I know you're going to love it. Well, I guess you already do! :)

Anonymous said...

First time leaving a comment.


S N B said...

Thanks, friends. We love it.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful - maybe you can add a lounge chair and sleep out under the stars (w/o the bugs). YEAH!!

sweetpea said...

so the roof is solid and the sides are screen? must get pretty cold at times. Looks great though. I have been watching you build it and dreaming of how nice it would be to sit outside. In my mind I was thinking pot bellied stove so I could watch the birds, in comfort, come to my feeder from out there in the snow at in the winter..

hello from Michigan

S N B said...

The roof is screen, too. Cold not an issue here yet, but we did get a firepit mostly for ambience.