Tuesday, July 8, 2014

To Capitol Reef and the Hogsback

It was lunch time when we headed north to the interstate to go around the top part of the park so we could drive south again on Highway 24, a scenic byway. We stopped in a greedy little gas station to pick up some sodas to go with our crackers, cheese and nuts. It was the only game in "town" and took full advantage of it. It was a very negative little place.

Look at these layers.

We drove to and through Capitol Reef National Park. Just inside the park is a short boardwalk that leads to views of petroglyphs. These are much older than the ones we saw the day before and are attributed to the Fremont culture, the people who lived in the area about 2,000 years ago.

The little schoolhouse was under repair. I had to frame my picture to block out the construction cones.

I had to laugh at the playground area by the schoolhouse, as seen below: "Go out and play now, children. And try not to get hit by a boulder coming off the cliffside!" Can you imagine sending your child to school there?!

A few days later in Salt Lake City, we stopped in a shop and were talking with the only clerk in the place. It turned out that the clerk's great-great-grandfather had built this little schoolhouse. While he was building the school and his home, he lived in a nearby cave.

I am not sure if this little place was his homestead.

We drove past many more interesting rock formations. I thought the one below looked like a long spine.

We stopped in a little town for a pizza supper. It was a little outfitter/store/cafe with friendly folks working in it.  They served pizza, beer, croissants and cheesecake--you know: the four basic food groups.  
I liked the design on the garage made from barbed wire. 

We passed hillsides strewn with volcanic debris. There are many ancient volcanos in the west. 

We drove on and on and over what is known as the Hogsback on Highway 12, south of Boulder, Utah. This short YouTube shows what we drove. At one point, a sign indicates a 14% grade.

Wouldn't want to do that in the dark.

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