Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Beehive House

We toured the Beehive House, the former home of Brigham Young, built in 1854. He served as the President of the LDS, as well as the territorial governor. Utah is known as the beehive state. The term was coined to describe all the activity of carving a place to live from a very uncooperative land.

The home has few of the original furnishings, but it is period-correct. It is a large home of twenty-four rooms, built to house his large family. He is reported to have had fifty-five wives. This was his bedroom.

Here is the music room.

He and at least one of his sons were both master woodworkers. They made these beautifully-carved, beehive newel posts. 

The son also made this partition in the foyer.

This is the formal dining room. There was another for the family.

The exterior was covered with flowers..

When we finished the house tour, we went next door to the Lion House Pantry for lunch. It is also part of the Beehive House, but so named because of the carved Lion over the door. 

It is a charming and popular cafeteria and bakery where the food is prepared fresh each day. 

We enjoyed a good lunch there.

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