Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Even More Animal Kingdom

The architecture at Animal Kingdom keeps you finding details of interest.

Check out the bar stools!

These created ruins were impressive.

Note the mural through the window below that depicts an elephant.

There  is a whole section dedicated to dinosaurs. This shot was taken at the foot of the bridge.

A view of Mt. Everest. That much snow in central Florida can be hard to come by. Didn't we have a beautiful day!?

The tiger seemed to like the water.

It had a large area to roam.

We rode an open steam train.

We closed the park (which closes early) and enjoyed our restful walk to the tram without any crowd.

One last look at Mt. Everest.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Animal Kingdom

Here are some more of the animals from the safari ride at Animal Kingdom.



 If you look really carefully in the  picture below, you can see what look like little sticks in the ground.  That is actually the subtle electric fencing.

A fabulous baobab tree!

Various birds.



 Leopards, I think.



 No animals to spot below--just attractive scenery.

I highly recommend it for anyone who can take the fairly rough ride. There is a sign at the ride entrance listing who might reconsider.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Animals at Animal Kingdom

 A while back we had a wonderful trip to take our grandson on his first Disney adventure. Growing up in Florida, we had been to the Magic Kingdom enough times, but none of us had ever been to Animal Kingdom. It is now my favorite park. Our bumpy African safari ride was simply amazing.

Our first water crossing.



A domestic with enormous horns.

Termite mounds.

Wildebeests and another look at our cool ride.

More pictures tomorrow!