Saturday, July 19, 2014

More SLC

It was a good decision to stay downtown so we could walk around in the cool of the evening and the next morning to see some more of the sights without having to search for parking. Here is the state capitol as seen from our ninth floor room.

Further around we could see some of the LDS buildings.

This is the main temple, seen above from our room and below from the ground.

It is not open to the public.

There are flowers everywhere.

I was interested in how one of the LDS office towers was reflected by the windows of another tower. 

The tower reflected is this one. It is contains only LDS offices and is taller than our state capitol.

This is just a peek in an older LDS building. That is a grand piano on the left.

We enjoyed the wind-powered sculptures around.

The one below was a giant fishing fly.

There are lots of fountains downtown. These were lined up for several blocks. 

This little creek had nice trout swimming in it.

We walked through a glass tunnel over a road. The glass was etched with leaf designs.

 I have mentioned before that I am easily amused, but what I found on a rack did not amuse me.

The fine print reads, "Salt Lake Utah." 
Granted it was for sale in a gas station. But, seriously, who would buy that? And more to the point, who would WEAR that? I thought it showed appalling taste. 

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