Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Southern Girl in Yankeetown, Florida

We have come up and down U.S. Highway 98 many a time and I have long been curious about a sign pointing to Yankeetown. Last weekend, we decided to take a little wander and see what was down the road. There are several signs along the road, including the one below. 

Below is the bridge.

There is a sign that even directs you to the "beach," which I would call a stretch. You are definitely at the coast and where the water meets the land is technically the beach, but this looked more like our panhandle shore than what I think of as a beach. 

It was cold, clear, windy and beautiful. 
I read that the name came from the many yankees that came to the area to fish and hunt.

Speaking of names: this truck was in the parking lot. What else could the man do with a name like Fisher?

 The word was the big tarpon were in around some of the docks in Crystal River. Our son and family saw them the next day. There are vacation rentals available in the area, but you might have to choose your time. The Yankeetown school that serves PreK -8th grade, is home to the Mighty Sandgnats.

Monday, February 16, 2015