Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Camping at Kodachrome Basin State Park

I have said it before: I am easily amused. 

B and I had never camped in the desert. I had a desire to see the stars that are reported to be so amazing out there. So we had a reservation at one of the few campgrounds with showers and "real" toilets. We passed this homestead in the long valley drive out to the park.

It was very windy and made putting up the tent interesting. A fine, dry, gritty dust stuck to everything. 

B and I took a short hike before dark.

It was easy to step right up to the base of huge rock formations.

We had decided that we would not try to cook/camp but only sleep out on this trip since we were flying out there. But we are morning coffee drinkers and breakfast eaters and so we went prepared to have a light breakfast in camp each morning. Here is our little set-up. (The picture was taken at another campsite; there were no oaks at Kodachrome.) The blue bottom is a fuel canister. Over and into it, is the stove, which folds to fit in that odd-shaped plastic canister.  The metal plate was added just to add stability to the stainless pot. The handle folds out and the lid has a handle. The 2 green cups stack inside the pot to store. The lighter and the fuel are not permitted on airlines so they had to be gotten after we arrived. So with boiling water, we could make coffee and then another pot of boiling water allowed us to have instant oatmeal. In our pack, we carry two plastic bowls, 2 small plates, 2 sets of spoons and forks and one plastic knife that would almost cut the cheddar cheese we bought. We bought an inexpensive styrofoam ice chest that served well the first week before it began leaking. We also bought raisins, OJ and donuts so that we had a decent breakfast to get us going and other food items so as to not be without--- come meal time--- no matter where we happened to be.

The biting bugs were annoying and the moon was still full and bright--plus the fact that it stays SO bright out, so late resulting that my star gazing was limited. At 9:45, we could still read in the tent.

The wind came and went all night. It was cold in the morning, but not our coldest night. After breakfast and showers, it didn't take long to get everything packed back into the car and be on our way.

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