Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gardner Village

On our way out of town, we stopped in Gardner Village. There was once a mormon pioneer village on the site of this now charming shopping area of mixed old and new buildings. It was a fun place to walk around and wander in and out of shops. The mill building is a large store/restaurant that looked worthy of a try if we had not just had a big meal at the Lion House Pantry at noon. We got a loaf of delicious bread in a little bakery that we enjoyed on our picnics for the next few days.

One last note on Salt Lake City: there is a light rail system, as well as the bus system. And there is a fairly large area downtown where it is free to ride either of these. We rode the light rail for the fun of it.  I will admit that the maps were somewhat confusing and we relied on a heavily tattooed and pierced young man to kindly assist us to know when to get off. 

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