Thursday, December 10, 2009

Goldfish Camou

The little Japanese maple by the front walk waited for Thanksgiving to be over before it got around to doing its beautiful display. But once it got going, it was truly a showstopper.



A few leaves come down early on, before the display even peaks. Here are some by the goldfish in the pond.


Then the rain and wind came with our last cold front and the little red stars came fluttering down.


And so it is that once a year, the goldfish have perfect camouflage.



Dani said...

Gorgeous! I wish we lived closer. I'd come over and grab some of those pretty leaves for Elizabeth's nature table.

R.Powers said...

That is perfect!

Ducks said...

I learned that you can dip a leaf into wax( candle making wax)and let it dry. After dried, you can decorate them in your house, like center of your table.
In Japan people called little kids hands, "Maple leaf".

Carol said...

Beautiful color.