Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So How Do YOU Open and Close Those Ceiling Vents?

Several years ago, a cousin gave each of our sons a WWI bayonet that had belonged to his uncle. We also have two pictures of him; this one was taken in 1923.


I’m not sure when B started using one of the bayonets to open and close the ceiling vents in the guest room and the office. The little levers can be stubborn, and the steel bayonet is just the ticket for the stretch and the push needed to operate the vent.


We keep the vents closed when the rooms are not being used.


This is one way we have found to take a stab at cutting our utility bills.



Liz said...

I think you've got an awesome submission to Museum of Unintended Use (http://unintendeduse.blogspot.com/)!

Very cute/fun blog.

Kimberlee said...

Love that play on words..."taking a stab at cutting costs." :)

I'm afraid (no, I'm SURE) I would hurt myself with that blade. Probably be better off running with scissors than standing with sword! :)

Curator said...

Hi, I am the curator of the before mentioned Museum of Unintended Use. Please let me use your pictures and story - I love it! You can contact me at unintendeduse@gmail.com. Ciao!