Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sunday’s Hike

On Sunday afternoon we went with a friend to Apalachee Regional Park, a new county park that is very near our home. The hiking/cross-country running trail winds around open fields and through woods and by Lake Lafayette.  A kayaker went by on the cypress-filled lake as we walked near the shore.

This ancient vine caught our eyes. (Sounds more painful than it actually was!)


Apparently, the wild hogs are creating their usual havoc with the land, and so traps have been placed in an effort to eradicate them.


While we saw evidence of their existence in there, we thankfully did not see any in or out of the traps. I find wild hogs interesting from a distance and prefer to view them from within the relative safety of an enclosed vehicle.

It was a nice trail and with its close proximity, we will, no doubt, go back. One word of advice if you go: find a map online and print it and take it with you. There is little in the way of trail marking and no maps available on site. It is not a huge area and it would be hard to get lost for long considering the boundaries, but still I like to know where I am going and approximately where I am.

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