Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Don’t Do It!

December has been a wet month. There have been many days when we have not seen the sun at all and were blanketed in either pea-soup fog/mist or downright steady rain.

In my school garden we keep a rain gauge. Each day after lunch, we check the gauge and record the amounts on a special calendar for that purpose. At the end of the month, we total the rain and compare it with other months.

Today, we finally got a break in the weather and so I sent my  two  kindergarten “gardeners” out with their little watering cans to water this small flower garden outside our classroom door. One thing a teacher must always know is where everyone is and what they are doing. So I looked out the window to keep tabs on these two and was somewhat dismayed to see one little mischief-maker pouring water into our rain gauge. It has happened before, but not recently. I stood in the doorway with one hand on a hip and eyebrows raised and asked the perpetrator, “What is the rule about that?” I had to smile when he answered simply, “Don’t do it!” Later we had to have the conversation about why we don’t do it. (It messes up the data!)


Ducks said...

Sometimes people do it when other said don't. When my youngest said to me do not loot at there and she pointed corner of her class. Instantly I looked at that direction.
I saw some joke writing on the wall of public restroom. Right of you said, "Do not look left side". I had to look left side so I did. On the left side of the wall said, " I told you not to look!"

wlhawh said...

Fuzzy research data.
he has a future.

R.Powers said...

He probably has one of those "Question Authority" bumperstickers on his big wheel.