Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wrendering Assistance

Predawn this morning, B went out the front door to get the newspaper and a wren that was apparently in the wreath flew into the house, unnoticed by B. Believe me, I noticed it as it came in the bedroom (where I was still enjoying a last few minutes of lazy warmth) and began frantically flitting from lamp to ceiling fan to curtain rod. By the time B got back inside, I had trapped it in our bathroom by shutting the door. To be such a small space, one hyper little wren made catching it quite a challenge. Eventually, B came out with it contained in my long-john shirt from the hamper. No pictures. The light on the porch was inadequate and there was no way we were going to risk letting it get free in the house again.

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Caroline said...

We have had assorted feathered folk come in through the open deck door. Biggest event (and bird for that matter) was a flicker that came down the chimney. I had to get it out from behind the fireplace doors, and then outside, so covered in soot that it wasn't immediately identifiable. What a rodeo scene that was.