Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Phoenix Frog

Monday evening was as beautiful as the rest of the day had been. In the afternoon, B and I had spent time cutting back part of the jungle we have let get away from us in the back yard. B was removing (by the roots) some of the mock orange (English dogwood) that has spread like crazy and was smothering a sweet little, miniature azalea. We still have plenty of mock orange. I was pruning back the the old formosa azaleas that were lovely last week, but lost every bloom in the storms of Friday and Saturday. They got cut back about a third, which improved their form and reduced some of the space they were taking and next year they will bloom even better.

Most of these trimmings were shredded and returned to the soil where B had created holes digging out the mock orange. But some of the pieces joined other yard trash in our burn pile.

After dinner outside---it was too beautiful to stay in!---B lit the burn pile.  It had been burning a few minutes when out hopped this leopard frog.


Looking at the pictures, I think it must have hurt its nose.


We have had leopard frogs around (and in) the little goldfish pond in the front before. Hopefully, it will find its way before the birds or snakes find it.