Monday, March 30, 2009

Nothing Says Spring Like Chicks and Duckies

On Sunday afternoon we went to the Tractor Supply Company. We love that place! They did not have what were looking for but it never matters. There will always be something interesting in a Tractor Supply. Well on this trip, we learned that the baby ducks and chicks were in! This is a seasonal thing; they are not always available.


They are set up in fairly large troughs with warming lights, bedding, watering stations and feed. 100_6519



The chicks are really cute but it is the ducklings that I think are just precious.



Do these pictures look fuzzy to you?



There was a young couple there picking out these two ducklings.

I was surprised to learn there are special cartons for carrying these little guys home.  I guess you don’t just put them in a bag!


And who knew they come with instructions? Hopefully, no assembly required!


The little brown one was nervous and wet the box: lots of peeping as well as peeing.


….and here they are cartin’ their carton of ducks.


Unfortunately, before they could check out they were told that chicks and ducks are not sold fewer than six at a time. Maybe that is what the ducklings were peeping about.

I remember when I was very small, my brother and sister and I used to get baby chicks and ducks for Easter. They had been dyed blue and green and other bizarre colors that we thought were just wonderfully festive. I remember as their feathers grew, they changed into normal barnyard bird  colors.  Poor things, I suppose we probably “loved them to death.”

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So you did not get any for yourself?