Thursday, March 12, 2009

Post-Skirmish Open Air Surgery Center

As the skirmish was going on, the surgeon and his five or six nurses were setting up the operating table in front of us.

NatBridge 032

The wounded were brought in after the shooting ended, and the surgery began.

NatBridge 057

Again, there were the special effects that made this not so appropriate for some of the very young children that were standing in the front. I suspect there were a few nightmares that night. (Come on, parents.)

The nurse gave every indication that she was cutting off this arm with the large knife, while the patient was held down screaming.

NatBridge 058You can see the cauterizing tools in the brazier. I have no idea how this was achieved without the injuring of the actor, but the smell was authentic!

NatBridge 051


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