Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Natural Bridge Effects

In addition to the cannon firing, there were many black powder rifles being used.

Prior to the skirmish, some were resting on the log wall….

NatBridge 035

While the men were lounging in the shade. It was the hottest day since the new year began.

NatBridge 036

But once the skirmish began, no one was lounging-- save the wounded.

NatBridge 042

NatBridge 045

Now this woman, holding the bag on the right below, has an interesting job. She appeared to be running the pyrotechnics: you know, the all important sound and special effects that make you feel there is real firing going on.

NatBridge 018 While she sat here in the shade by a wounded soldier, she appeared to be sorting out various fuses.

NatBridge 046 OK! I’m impressed.

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