Friday, March 13, 2009

Natural Bridge Encampment

I think the best part of the whole event for me was our walk through the encampment. The newspaper reported that there were over 250 re-enactors participating. I had no expectation that the participation would be so large and that the encampment would be so extensive. Tent after canvas tent were lined up, all in period correct exhibit, if you don’t count the occasional Coke can on the table or in the hand of an overheated soldier wearing wool.

NatBridge 067

NatBridge 068

NatBridge 066

As campers, we are always interested in the cooking set-up. One of our friends with us this day is a blacksmith, so there is added interest in the iron pieces.

NatBridge 065

Banjo music could be heard drifting on the breeze.

NatBridge 071

Soldiers were cleaning their black-powder rifles.

NatBridge 072

Re-enacting is an activity that attracts whole families.

NatBridge 063

NatBridge 061

This boy and man were playing with toy soldiers-- blue and gray, of course!

NatBridge 070

And yes, I know the wagon is not period correct, but aren’t these two cousins just tooooo cute?

NatBridge 079

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Anonymous said...

I love the camp photos. A nice display, and a good feel on the day.