Sunday, March 8, 2009

Natural Bridge

On Saturday we went with friends to the site of the Civil War Battle of Natural Bridge, just a few miles from our home. It is a place where the St. Marks River runs into a sink hole and underground for a few yards and then pops back up in another one to continue on down stream to, eventually, the Gulf of Mexico. It was where the battle took place that kept Florida’s capital from being taken by the Federals. The Union troops were soundly defeated. Sunday is the actual battle reenactment, but on Saturday there was a skirmish and many exhibits of living history.

One thing that impressed me was the wide variety of uniforms.NatBridge 009

NatBridge 015

NatBridge 017

NatBridge 019

NatBridge 026

NatBridge 025

The Yankees had a more uniform uniform.

NatBridge 059

Even this dog-tired dog had a uniform.

NatBridge 075

NatBridge 076


Anonymous said...

Very Nice.

Dani said...

When I first started sewing, I found a store that sold clothing patterns for dresses and uniforms of the Civil War era. I had the best time researching colors and style and then making them. Now, when I see pictures like yours, it just makes my hands itch to break out all my stuff again. :)