Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sweet Prospect

On the schedule of activities at Callaway Gardens was a free concert by a Celtic group, called Sweet Prospect. Though I had never heard of them, I knew I wanted to attend and we did. They were great!  I bought one of their CD’s. The two women are playing hammered dulcimers and the man, an acoustic guitar.

I learned that the hammered dulcimer is an ancient instrument that is believed to have traveled from the middle east to Spain with the Moors. Mountain dulcimers are a variation on the hammered ones. Mountain dulcimers are played with the fingers or a pick as shown below. Hammered dulcimers are also the predecessor of pianos.

The strings of hammered dulcimers are struck with little sticks, called hammers. These were exquisite.

I have enjoyed listening to their tunes to and from school this week.

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