Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Fire Pit

I knew I wanted to have a fire pit on our porch for warmth and ambiance so it turned out to be the first item we bought as it was the last one on the shelf as summer ended. We do quite a bit of camping and usually have evening campfires and this was pretty much what I had in mind. At some point, I decided that the smoke of a wood fire can be annoying and messy and that I would like to go with propane. We bought it as an anniversary gift to each other. We bought it in the box and while the box was large, the fire pit is quite large! ---“Some assembly required.”


The propane tank hides in a drawer in the base. It is so tall, that I fondly refer to it as the “crematorium.”


So on a Saturday night we had friends over for chili and it was chilly so we got to crank up the fire pit.



But it was especially wonderful for when the central Florida family were up for Thanksgiving; it helped make it more comfortable to eat dinner on the porch.


Later in the dark, the “kids” and B and I enjoyed a few cozy minutes enjoying its warmth and talking before we all went in for bed.


Carol said...

One of the things that sold me on Mom had a fire in the chunk stove...all the windows Christmas. I knew I could live here if it got cool enough in the evening for a fire. The firepit is a great idea.

Fire Pit Landscaping said...

That's a great looking fire pit. I haven't seen many tall ones like that before. Both my mother and my aunt have large "bowl" type fire pits. They are HUGE, but lots of fun.