Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Covered Bridge

I mentioned on the previous blog entry that we had driven through a covered bridge while on a driving tour of the Warm Springs, Georgia area while we were camping up there last weekend. It was such an interesting place that it warrants its own entry.


Here is the historical marker:


Here you can see one of those 2,500 wooden pegs that hold it together. They were sizeable pegs.


The roof is cedar shake shingled.


Unfortunately, through the years, folks have felt the need to paint their names on most of the inside boards.


My question was, “Why here?” Why did this crossing warrant a covered bridge. B’s guess was that it is heading in the direction of Atlanta. I did not even remember the reason for covering bridges but B said it was to make them last longer.

This was the first covered bridge we have driven through, though we have visited several others in the past that were no longer open to traffic.


It was a fun rainy day activity.

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