Friday, November 27, 2009

Grateful For a Great Thanksgiving

I was holding my breath until the last minute but my 87-year-old dad and my 92 year-old-mom got to come with my brother for Thanksgiving. It is a long haul from Polk County to Tallahassee and their health comes and goes ---but is mostly excellent. They had not been to our home in several years and, of course, we had made some changes, most notably the kitchen paint and tile floor and the screened porch.

With our sons and daughter-in-law, we had eight for dinner. The weather even held and we were able to eat on the porch, with the additional warmth from the fire pit and a little heater at mama’s feet.

Here are a few shots, including some that our son took.


ThanksgivingDavid 012

K makes an awesome pecan pie.

ThanksgivingDavid 019

ThanksgivingDavid 006

I had fun putting together this tall arrangement of cassia, red shrimp flowers, wheat celosia and grapevine. The tall, skinny vase allowed diners to still see each other.

ThanksgivingDavid 010

ThanksgivingDavid 001

ThanksgivingDavid 002

Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful day.


Kimberlee said...

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It's great that your parents could be there.

J&J said...

Gorgeous flower arrangement. Good to see Florida family!

S N B said...

Thanks, J&J, for looking in. (I have no idea who you might be.) ??