Friday, November 6, 2009

Lake George

For years I have heard of friends camping at Cotton Hill on Lake George, about 130 miles from Tallahassee. I determined on our trip home from Pine Mountain that we would go and see it for ourselves and we did. The route is just a tad tricky and we went two sides of a triangle once when we missed a turn, but it was a nice adventure and we saw some country we have never seen before. Along the way we passed a field of sunflowers. These are not common here. In fact, I don’t think we have any in our area.

Cotton Hill is an Army Corp of Engineers camping area. It appeared to be spotless. Our first look at the lake was here at this boat landing. Across the lake, a seaplane was landing.

We later learned it was at Bagby State Park, which also has camping and cabins. We went over there and had a nice lunch in their lodge.

We were shown a lodge room, as well as a cabin. While the lodge rooms were nice enough, the cabin would suit us better. The lodge rooms open with exterior sidewalks. I have come to prefer interior ones. They just feel a little more secure.

Both Cotton Hill and Bagby State Park are places we would like to return to.

From there we continued south and saw a sign for the dam that creates the lake, so of course we wanted to see that. It looks pretty much like the one at Chattahoochee and it is the same water, as well.

We have seen large mixed flocks of birds at Chattahoochee before and were not surprised that this was the case here, but what did surprise me were the white pelicans, that are only winter visitors.

Amidst the cormorants and other dark birds, they sort of stick out!

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