Sunday, November 22, 2009


Bradley’s Country Store has been around a long time, as evidenced by their sign: since 1923.


They specialize in sausage. Once a year in November, they have a fair of sorts. We had not been in a few years and decided this was the year to go back. It was predictably crowded and fun. The setting is lovely. Look at the backdrop of live oaks behind and above the cloggers.


We saw some boys who had escaped the crowds and were enjoying the long, low branches.



There were the usual arts, crafts and food booths but there were also demonstrations. This man was using an antique forge—made by Sears.


This woman was re-caning antique chairs.


This man was cooking kettle corn in a large cast iron pot.


Though there were pony rides and carriage rides, this little guy had the coolest ride in the place.


His dad had made this monster wagon with parts he found on EBay.  It even had a fold-down, FSU/camou awning shade. It is one of a kind, for sure!

There was was lots to see and buy at Bradley’s. We came away with some mayhaw jelly.


Anonymous said...

I love the wagon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I saw the picture of your forge and we have just recently acquired a forge just like it. Could I ask for some pictures of yours so that I may restore that one that we have back to original condition. My son is going to use it to begin building knives and wants to do it the correct way, not the modern way with propane. Thank You
Bob Keller

Anonymous said...

I love those cloggers, the Mountain Dew Cloggers in Tallahassee are so awesome! I see them at the Downtown Getdowns when we come to Tallahasse for FSU games. We are at Bradleys ever year, and make sure we get a front row spot to watch the cloggers entertain the crowds!