Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Birdsong on a Sunday

For my birthday, B gave me a membership to Birdsong Nature Center, located just over the state line in Georgia.  My birthday is in May and we had not been up there since. You go mostly to hike and it is way too hot in the summer for hiking and so we had deliberately waited until fall, but it was still later in fall than I would have expected to go. At any rate, we took a picnic and some friends and stopped at Carr Lake on the drive up to eat at the little park at the boat landing.

Birdsong was lovely in its fall colors.

There is an abundance of sumac.


The hickories are gloriously gold now.


We walked on one of the longer loop trails, through pines and hardwoods.


We stopped in the house to sit at the bird window for a while, but the birds were elsewhere.


Tomorrow’s entry will be about the more interesting/exciting minutes of the afternoon.

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