Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Seeing the Light: Patterns, Patterns Everywhere

We went on an outing with our new grandson and his parents. After lunch, we went to the St. Augustine lighthouse.

We had already bought our tickets when we discovered that the baby was not permitted to be carried-- even in his harness carrier that fits snugly on his parent's chest--up inside the lighthouse. So B and I went on and they went for a walk to a public dock.

This is the lighthouse entrance. We were told there are 1.25 million bricks in the lighthouse that stands 165 feet.

We began the ascent.

Here is looking up.

There are 219 steps with six landings.

This "two-man" wrench was used at the top to adjust some really big nuts. 

This was above the top exit. I was holding up the line to get this shot; I wish I had been able to get some closer.

At the top is a platform catwalk.

It was more than a tad windy up there, but the views were fairly spectacular.

This wood stork flew past.

We were able to spot our little family on a dock far below.

They took our picture, too!

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