Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mama's Gift

I have just celebrated a birthday this week and I decided to finally receive a gift from my mother. She had made it clearly known that she wanted me to have her wedding rings and my sister to have her diamond earrings when she died.  Mama died at Christmas in 2010 and I took possession of the rings last July, but I  was unable to even put them on without such grief that I put them away until the rawness receded with time. Christmas was a rough time for reasons in addition to it being the first year without her. And so as spring approached, I began to think of letting it be a birthday present. 

On the morning of my birthday, I had breakfast, showered, dressed and dug out the little box where the rings had been waiting for me to heal enough to be able to enjoy them.  I put them on. They fit  perfectly. 

The wide band is my own wedding band that has been in place for thirty-five and a half years and the slim band was on her hand for sixty-three and a half. The diamond ring was a replacement for the one that broke and the diamond was lost, much to her great sadness. But she wore this one for twenty years or more.

Thank you, Mama, for this beautiful and priceless gift! And for many others, both tangible and intangible,  too numerous to list here.

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