Sunday, August 14, 2011

Snow Mountain Ranch YMCA

On our trip in Colorado, we spent two consecutive nights in the YMCA lodges, one on each side of the Rocky Mountain National Park. Snow Mountain Ranch is further from the park than the one at Estes Park. It is also very much more like its name: a ranch. The property has been  ranch land since the gold rush days and some of the old buildings still stand.

Many have been repaired with newer materials which rather stand out.

We found the old farm equipment charming.

As at the other YMCA, there were many activities for families, but we did not participate, except to eat.
This is the arts and crafts  building.

The buildings are very spread out in the valley and up a slope, where the cabins are. A large stable provides riding opportunities.

The picture below was made from the cabin road.

Along with cabins and lodges, there are camping areas, as well as a village of yerts.

As I mentioned, the place is spread out: there are three thousand acres. Buses were carrying campers to different activities. We were interested in the ski racks on the sides of the buses, which is convenient for the winter visitors. I  don't remember seeing that in Florida!

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