Friday, August 26, 2011

At the Basalt Sunday Market

While staying in Carbondale, we ventured toward Aspen, Colorado. Along the way we came upon a sign on the highway directing us to the Sunday market in Basalt. I had heard good things from our daughter-in-law about Basalt, and so I was curious. We spent several hours in the town before going on.

We parked near this very tall, carved tree stump. Nice work on the fisherman and big fish. There were other sculptures around town.

We found interesting booths at the Sunday market. 

I would call that a serious pizza peel. 

If you could read the sticker on the vehicle below, it would say, "Real trucks don't have spark plugs."
This one sure had an insect-like face.

So this was a smooth(ie) ride:
The vendor hooked a blender cup onto the back of the bike on a stand and the customer got on and pedaled.

The blades turned in the cup, and before no time---voila!---a smoothie was born!

But check out the handle bars. (Kind of creepy.)

We came across this sign stuck on a tuxedo on a "man-nequin" in a consignment shop.

Loved the trout bench!

We had a good time exploring Basalt. I could live in the summer.

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