Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mt. Meeker and Calypso Cascades

We could see this mountain from the Allenspark Lodge. It is Mt. Meeker (13,911 ft.) and said to resemble an Indian's face in profile, on his back.

We entered the Rocky Mountain National Park for the first time of the trip at a place called Wild Basin. Though there are many trails in this popular area, we took a short walk to Calypso Cascades. 

We came across this summer worker from Pennsylvania. Yes, that is a toilet seat in his pack. We thought, "Well, there goes a man who likes all the conveniences of home." But actually, he was taking it up to a camp to install it. As we talked to him, he remembered that he had not written a message on the lid and asked if, by chance, we had a permanent marker with us. I said that I did, but it was in the car in the parking lot. (What teacher worth her salt doesn't travel with a permanent marker?) He said he would walk back with us. And so we walked back to the parking area together.

He was not expecting that the marker would be magenta, but that is all I had. (ALL of the donated permanent markers were magenta!)

Glad to help where ever we can.


Island Rider said...

what did he write on it?

S N B said...

If you click on the picture, it should enlarge for you; however, it said, "Put no trash in privy."