Friday, April 1, 2011

Gorham’s Bluff, Alabama

While wandering Sand Mountain, we went to Gorham’s Bluff. Again as with High Falls, this place is remote! You have to be going intentionally ---and it sure helps to know how to get there, as signage is limited. But once you are there, you know why people make the effort: the view! As well as the cooler temperatures when it is much warmer at the lower elevations.

All of the ground below that is not covered in water, is covered in large trees. We are looking at the top of the canopy below.


High above the Tennessee River is a newish, planned community of houses, sitting compactly on the bluff. They are charming little places that resemble those found at Seaside along the Florida panhandle coast: pastel clapboard affairs with tin roofs and tidy gardens tucked behind picket fences. We saw only two people when we were there. Of course, it was misting rain, but still the place gave the appearance of vacancy.

This lovely inn is the focal point of the community.


There are only a few rooms to let, but there are cottages in the community available. They reportedly have a first class chef in the inn and serve fabulous meals. It is a popular wedding venue.

This charming little structure is perched on the very edge of the bluff.



This helps to give you a better sense of the proportions.


Again, the view is spectacular! (And we were there on an overcast day.)


So glad to have seen it!

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Mikey said...

Now THAT would be a cool place to get married. Very pretty!